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IT & Dev (Development) Teams

IT & Dev Teams

At PMtech Digital Solutions, our agile project management methodologies help you deliver faster with more flexibility. While we implement agile methodologies, we ensure that our customers can adapt to changing requirements and reduce risks associated with waterfall project management. Additionally, with iterative development and close stakeholder collaboration, we adapt to changing priorities.

Our certified agile certified practitioners / scrum masters effectively lead agile teams, removing impediments and fostering self-organization. Consequently, these services enable teams to work collaboratively, task prioritization, and delivering high-quality results in shorter time frames. We focus on frequent working software releases over excessive documentation. With continuous testing and improvement, we ensure quality throughout the project.

At PMtech Digital Solutions, IT teams can build detailed plans, mitigate resource constraints and manage an entire portfolio of projects in the cloud. Track implementation timelines and workload assignments for your team, and then present visual dashboards to executives for status updates—it’s all possible with our software.

Gantt charts, resource management tools and real-time reporting help IT departments address dependencies and deliver on time. And with kanban boards and workflow features, agile teams can work alongside waterfall plans. From the portfolio level to the task level, PMtech Digital helps drive successful outcomes.

With Hybrid Agile Project approaches, customers can harness the benefits of both agile and traditional (waterfall) project management, empowering teams to adapt to changing requirements and deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

Let us leverage Agile / Hybrid Agile to help you capitalize on opportunities. Our solutions provide faster ROI while reducing risk. See how our agile approach can make your projects more responsive and outcome-focused.

By embracing agile methodologies, customers can enhance their project management capabilities and achieve great success in today’s continuously evolving and dynamic business landscape.

  • PMI Certified Professionals
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Secure & Enhanced Collaboration
  • Detailed Status Reports
  • Suitable for Cross-functional teams

Solutions We Offer:

IT Development Teams

Frequently Asked Questions :

The main responsibilities of a development team in an IT project include defining, analyzing, and managing technical and business requirements throughout the entire project cycle. They work closely with the customer to clarify questions, propose improvements, define and prioritize the scope, and provide technological solutions.

Functional teams in an IT company are typically divided into areas such as architecture, networking, infrastructure, security, software development, support, and business intelligence. Each of these teams may have their own IT manager or a shared manager overseeing their activities.

A development team is a group of 3-9 people who collaboratively develop a product. In the Scrum framework, the development team is cross-functional and self-organized, meaning it possesses all the necessary skills for product development.

Development teams are responsible for building new functionality, often using the Scrum framework for a cross-functional approach. On the other hand, technical teams are responsible for the platform, infrastructure, and enabling functionality, usually as a shared service.

Get Free Consultation Now! We are ready to help your business

Let’s discuss your business needs and discover how PMtech Digital can elevate your projects and goals.