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Program Management Services

Program management services

Our program management services at PMtech Digital Solutions place a strong emphasis on the oversight of large-scale, complicated initiatives undertaken by our clients’ organizations, in addition to the coordination of various projects and the participation of a variety of stakeholders. In addition, we pay special attention to coordinating resources, budgets, timetables, and risks among projects that are dependent on one another as well as at the program level. 

This is especially important to ensure that the strategic goals of our clients are accomplished and that the advantages of the program are realized through a disciplined approach to program management. In the meantime, with the assistance of PgMP-certified professionals, we develop governance frameworks, program benefit management, processes, and communication plans in order to show and execute seamlessly across projects.. 

Most significantly, at PMtech Digital, our experience in running worldwide programs gives us the ability to integrate many teams, different technologies, and different vendors. Because of this, we are able to keep all of the components aligned and ensure that our stakeholders are happy thanks to the exceptional governance frameworks that we have in place and the rigorous monitoring and control that we employ. Keeping this in mind allows for the realization of program benefits, the reduction of program hazards, and the optimization of total program costs.

We leverage lessons learned to rapidly adapt programs. Consequently, our analytics capabilities also help model scenarios and forecast outcomes. Considering this, let us integrate and orchestrate your mission-critical programs while you focus on organizational strategy. Ultimately, with our support, you can expect programs delivered on time, within budget and driving business impact.

Benefits of Program Management Approach

1. Gives a Comprehensive View:

Program management is specifically designed to give a more comprehensive view of the organization’s activities. Program offices or PMOs generally run multiple projects that may span across the entire organization, covering different locations. The program managers will be able to compare project requests and activities to ensure that projects or assets do not conflict with one another and that there is no duplication of effort.

2. Helps to Achieve Strategic Goals:

Program managers will be able to evaluate major activities of the organization to ensure they are working towards achieving strategic business goals. Just because a project can be done does not mean the end result will add value to the organization. Many issues, such as project governance and risk, can be managed more successfully as the program team or the PMO coordinates efforts and has an overall view of processes and progress that might not be visible to individual project managers.

3. Provides Consistency:

Every time a project is initiated in your organization, the project leader has to outline the process, the rules, and the modes of communication. With the help of PMO, those processes are defined for all projects in advance and it is ensured they remain consistent from one project to another. This helps the project teams, as they do not have to waste time conducting meetings to discuss how everything is going to work. Hence, this results in fewer communication blunders within a project.

4. Greater Cost Savings:

The PMO evaluates all new requests and groups them to ensure efficient use of resources through project prioritization and integration. This means that one project effort could be initiated that satisfies the needs or requests of more than one functional group. For example, a project can be taken up by the organization to create a program that would send emails about daily status reports to respective managers in marketing, sales, finance, and operations. Without a PMO, this single project would have been four separate projects with four separate developers and four separate budgets.

5. Helps in Transition Management:

Program management helps in a smooth transition from existing to future business operations by clear identification of roles and responsibilities. It prepares the organization for migrating to new ways of functioning.

Solutions We Offer:

Program Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions :

Program management is an organizational function that oversees a group of individual projects linked together through a shared organizational goal and objective or common area of impact.

The key elements of program management include strategy alignment, benefits management, stakeholder engagement, program governance management, and life cycle management.

A program manager’s role can include coordinating multiple projects and reconciling the interdependencies among them, providing strategic guidance to the company’s project managers, and facilitating communication among a program’s cross-functional team.

If Maggie is managing three related projects, such as designing a new mobile phone, testing the new mobile phone, and putting together a tv advertisement to introduce the new mobile phone, then she is fulfilling the role of program manager.

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